Video Montage

Thank you for helping us create a montage video of this year’s World Singing Day song
“I Will Sing You To Me.” We’re aiming for all 196 countries to be represented in this video.

Here are the instructions:

  1. By September 15, 2017, film yourself and at least 2 other people singing together one chorus, verse, or the bridge of “I Will Sing You To Me” (less than 30 seconds).
  2. Sing along to the vocal or karaoke track. Control-click on the vocal or karaoke track to download to your computer. You can also sing along to this video.
  3. Using a smart phone, position the phone horizontally (not vertically) and film in good light with the main light source being in front of you so your faces can been seen clearly.
  4. Using, send the video file to by September 15, 2017.
  5. If you don’t have time to film a video, take a photo of yourself flashing the peace sign and email it and let us know what city and country you’re from.

Thanks for helping us get the whole world singing together.

I Will Sing You To Me

Intro:   E    Esus    E    Esus 

Verse #1:
E                   B/E     E7       A/E
We used to be best of friends

E               B/E              E7              A/E
Singing songs from way back when

Am/E             E
But we lost touch

            A                                Bsus     B    Bsus    B
And forgot the songs in us

E B C#m A
So I will sing you to me

E B C#m A
I will sing you to me

E                         B
No matter how far apart we are

A           B                   E    Esus    E    Esus
I will sing you to me

Verse #2:
We once came from the very same place
And burst into a billion different faces
Now we’re alone
But we all long for home

  B                   E                              B            E
Across the Outback and the Bering Sea

B                   E                         A   E/G#   F#7
From the deserts to the corral reefs

B                    E        B          E
In cities in Asia and Africa

B                 E                           A   E/G#   F#7 B7
All over Europe and the Americas

A               E/G#                  F#7    B7    A/B    B    A/B
I’ll keep singin’ till we meet again.

Lyrics and music by Scott Johnson
Googol On Music 2016
World Singing Day

WorldSingingVideo Montage