To me, a wonderful world looks like . . .

World Singing Day 2020

We are seeking video submissions, or photos, from individuals for our “To me, a wonderful world looks like…” global video project. We’re looking to receive short videos of less than 15 seconds, or photos, from people in all 24+ time zones around the globe. Simply film yourself completing the sentence “To me, a wonderful world looks like….” We will be posting these videos on social media starting September 1, 2020 and then every few days leading up to World Singing Day (October 17). You can also simply take a photo of yourself holding a piece of paper of your statement written out. (You can print this template or just write on a blank sheet of paper.)

Submit your video by October 1, 2020. 

Video Guidelines 

The closer you follow these tips, the better chance your video will be included. 

  1. Location: Find a quiet place (for example no fans or car noises) with good lighting, outside or inside. The main light source should be in front of you (natural lighting is best). It’s great if you can film it somewhere with a background that shows where you are in the world (an iconic landmark, by the ocean, or in the mountains, for example).

  2. Filming: Use the best smart phone you have for the best film/sound quality. Film in landscape mode (hold the phone horizontally) and capture yourself from the chest up to above your head. In selfie video mode, simply film yourself completing the sentence “To me, a wonderful world looks like…” in less than 15 seconds. Say it in English or your native language.
  3. Engage: When filming, speak loud enough to be heard and with an engaging attitude. The best videos are often spontaneous where you can tell the person is being authentic. Relax and be yourself.

  4. Upload your video or photo: Send your video directly from your phone or computer using this form by October 1, 2020. 

Thank you for being a part of World Singing Day!

Here’s an example:

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