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We heard about a World Singing Day sing-along in our city about an hour before it was supposed to start. It took a bit of convincing but my husband agreed to go with me. He stood quietly next to me during the first half of the event but by the end of the sing-along he had transformed himself and was completely belting out every song. We had such a blast!


Senior Planner & Development Project Manager, Boulder, Colorado USA

World Singing Day is such a simple but profound idea – unite the world through song. It’s been three years now that we’ve been kick starting World Singing Day at our annual event, and it’s fun to see our students, teachers, staff and parents sing in one voice and with one heart. Great idea Scott and team. Continue this amazing mission of spreading peace and joy through song.


Singer/Composer/Teacher, Shankar Mahadevan Academy, Mumbai, India

The first time I ever sang in public was at the World Singing Day Boulder sing-along. I have to tell you it was an incredibly freeing experience and so much fun, especially when I realized that no one else was really paying attention to my singing. We were all just singing for the fun of it and I absolutely loved it!


Massage Therapist, Longmont, Colorado USA

I’m really inspired by the strong community vibe.  I feel it!


Voice Department Chair, South Shore Conservatory, Duxbury, MA USA

I hosted a sing-along on World Singing Day because I wanted to combat the mental health problem in our area. Suicides are especially high in our area going into the winter months. I thought singing together would be a wonderful thing to do. Instead of a pretty place, we decided to host our sing-along where most of our homeless population often gathers.  It was extremely cold on the day of our sing-along (-10 degrees Celcius) so we ending up having only about 10 mental health care professionals gather together to sing.  Despite the cold, we still managed to have a wonderful time together and strengthen the bonds between us as colleagues and go back into our work with a renewed sense of optimism.


Mental Health Professional, LaRonge, Canada

I only found out about World Singing Day one month before it was happening. When I started pulling things together, I found out about a choral festival already happening in my city on the same day as World Singing Day, and it was going to take place just three blocks away from where I wanted to have my sing-along. I reached out to the organizers of the other event and we decided to combine our two events into one. We had a giant sing-along outside in an open air ampitheater and then everyone walked into the concert hall singing together as the choir festival began. Over 11 choirs were involved and over 2,000 people sang together that day. It was awesome!


Owner, Perfect Fit Wellness, Colorado USA

World Singing Day is an incredible project and I’m glad I’ve gotten the chance to sing with so many different people. We’ve all had so much fun and my choir enrollment nearly doubled after our World Singing Day sing-along!


Director, Vivid Voices and Choirs4Kids, Perth, WA Australia

I absolutely love World Singing Day. This year I worked with several different young people’s organizations to host a 6-hour sing-along at one of our local shopping malls on World Singing Day. The students did so much of the planning and they want to host a World Singing Day sing-along every year. After they graduate, I hope they will take what they have learned from hosting and continue making a positive impact in their communities.


Membership Commissioner, Girl Guides Association Malaysia

Such an amazing experience both as a city host here in Salt Lake and as a participant. We felt real and authentic connections with everyone as we sang songs in sort of a street karaoke flashmob. It was well organized on an international scale, and I felt taken care of, which is huge as a host. Can’t wait to do it again. #artcanhealtheworld


Founder, Culture Collective, Salt Lake City, Utah USA

I love the idea of World Singing Day and uniting the world with song. Since I first heard about it back in 2015, I’ve run several small community focused events at shopping centres, on a university campus and at community centres. A school choir and other Barbershop groups even sang with us. We like singing the theme song and sharing it with the community and we are excited to join with many more community groups and take part in the big WSD Perth event in Yagan Square.

Margaret Patullo

Leader, Circle of Friends Choir, Perth, WA Australia

Singing together has been proven to be one of the quickest ways to bond friends and strangers alike. I started World Singing Day to give people the opportunity to experience that human connection in an inviting and joyful community setting. Our global sing-along is a fun and effective way to celebrate our global family through the international language of music. I hope you’ll join us.


Founder, World Singing Day Boulder, Colorado USA

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