Song of the Year

2020 WSD Song of the Year:

“What a Wonderful World”

The World Singing Day organization is seeking video submissions from individuals and groups of “What a Wonderful World” for our 2020 Song of the Year global video montage project.

Submit your video from May 1 through October 24, 2020. 

Video Guidelines 

The closer you follow these tips, the better chance your video will make the final cut. 

  1. Music: Watch this video with the lyrics, or download the free music track here.

    Practice singing the song a few times. Match the phrasing the best you can. It doesn’t have to be perfect. There are two words changed from the original lyrics: “I see friends far away” instead of “I see friends shaking hands.” NOTE: If parts of the melody are not in your range, it’s OK to change octaves or come up with your own part. You can even hum the song if you’d like!

  2. Location: Find a quiet place (no fans or car noises) with good lighting, outside or inside. The main light source should be in front of you (natural lighting is best) and the background should be free of signs and other distractions.

  3. Recording Equipment: Use the best smart phone you have for the best film/sound quality.

    If you are recording outside, you will need 2 smart phones – one to film you singing, and the other with earphones to sing along to the video or music track.

    If you are recording inside, you can use your earphones with your laptop or desktop computer (or a second phone) to sing along to the video or music track.

  4. Filming: If you have a friend who can film you singing, ask them to hold the phone horizontally, and capture you from the chest up to above your head, with nature in the background if possible.

    If you are by yourself, put the phone’s camera on video and selfie mode. Hold the phone steady in horizontal position (or use a tripod if you have one). Make sure your whole head, from the chest up, is in the frame. Use the other phone with earbuds to sing along to the music. You can also sing along to the video as you read the lyrics on your computer and use your computer’s web camera to film yourself.

    Do a practice recording for a few seconds to ensure that the camera is filming correctly.

    When filming, only your singing should be heard (that’s why earphones are needed). It can be helpful to use only one earphone in an ear so you can hear the track and still hear yourself.


  5. Engage: When you’re ready to film, have fun and smile! Remember to sing loud enough to be heard and with an engaging attitude. We are not looking for perfection, just people having fun singing.


  6. Upload your video: Send your video directly from your phone or computer using this form by October 24, 2020. 

Thank you so much for being a part of World Singing Day.

Here’s the song video with lyrics:

Sample of what a WSD global montage video looks like:

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