This mission of World Singing Day is to unite the global family through singing together and be a catalyst for world peace.

Through its focus on positive human interactions, World Singing Day aims to combat isolation and transcend local and global conflicts.

World Singing Day is not religious or political, nor does it promote any one country or culture. Rather, it encourages people to put aside their differences and celebrate what we all share as human beings.


World Singing Day (WSD) is a global singalong that provides an opportunity for friends and neighbors to connect and reach out to friends they haven’t met yet.

WSD is not a singing competition but rather a celebration of participation. It’s about uniting the world, using the power of singing to connect communities and promote well being.

The global sing-along held annually on the third Saturday in October, uses the power of singing together to facilitate deeper connections between people in their communities and promote well being around the world.

Musicians and non-musicians, shower singers to celebrities, young and old, gather in city centers each year to simply sing together.

The event is not a performance and no rehearsals are required. 

World Singing Day was founded in 2012 by musician Scott Johnson. Scott had this idea that if enough people shared a positive, human experience like singing, that something quite remarkable would happen.  And it did!

In just 8 years World Singing Day has gone from a single event in Boulder, Colorado (USA) to multiple events in 26 countries around the world.