Host a sing-along party with friends, neighbors or your whole community on 19 October 2019 and sing your favorite songs. 

Small and Easy

  • Invite friends and neighbors to your home on 19 October 2019 to sing your favorite songs. Here’s a list of suggested sing-along songs in English. Sing along to the original recordings or to piano or guitar. Take photos and video and post to social media with the hashtags #worldsingingday and #wsd2019. Live stream your gathering on Facebook Live.
  • Get a local singer/songwriter or group to lead a sing-along in a coffee shop, cafe, bar, pub, or public space. Stream it live on Facebook.

Big and Loud

  • You can organize your own sing-along for the whole community on 19 October 2019. To make it easier for you, World Singing Day also offers sing-along packages.
  • The goal is to connect and celebrate your community with this inclusive, joyful event.
  • Invite one or more local choirs, schools, or civic groups to lead the public in singing.
  • Form a committee to organize and promote the event.
  • Choose a time and location for the event, and a backup site if necessary (in case of bad weather).
  • Reserve venue, pay rental fee, or get usage permit if in a public area (e.g. on city property).
  • Inquire if general liability insurance is needed. For insurance, try The Event Helper.
  • Make a list of possible songs. Songs should be familiar or easy to sing, inclusive in nature, and not political or religious (e.g. Beatles, musicals, current radio hits, folk songs). Choose songs that are popular in your country and community. Here’s a sample list for English-speaking communities in North America, the U.K., and Australia/New Zealand) song list.
  • Acquire Special Event music performance licenses from ASCAP, BMI, and/or SESAC or from your country’s performing rights organizations. Your venue may already have a license.
  • Sheet music is not necessary since this is a sing-along and not a performance and you’ll be singing the melody along to the original recordings, karaoke tracks, or live music).
  • Choose an MC for the event (e.g. the city mayor, a choir director, a local celebrity).
  • You’ll need a microphone, mic stand, amp, mixer, laptop, speakers and speaker stands. A podium is nice for the MC.
  • Create lyric booklets (sample) to distribute to the public, including info about each group. Ask local merchants and businesses to sponsor the printing.
  • Film your event with a phone or video camera and share on social media and YouTube (use hashtags #worldsingingday and #wsd2019).
  • Invite local schools, clubs, and organizations to help get the word out and to sing, and businesses to help pay for expenses.