Learn SATB parts fo the WSD Theme Song “Till the Whole World Sings.” My Choral Coach will help you learn your part by providing a virtual practice space where you can:

  1. Learn SATB parts (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass)
  2. Practice singing with a backing track
  3. Record and get instant feedback

To access your My Choral Coach vocal booth you must use Google Chrome as your browser on your computer.

To listen and just sing along
To listen to the full song, click the PARTS tab and then select Full.
Click on the green PLAY button to listen to it.
Click the REW button to go back to the beginning and play again.
You can sing along this way or you can take it to the next level.

To practice with a backing track
Choose your part from the PARTS tab.
Click on TRACKS and choose Demo audio if you want to sing along to just your part, or choose Backing track to sing along to the other 3 parts.
Click on Tracks again.
Click Play to sing your part along with a backing track.

To record and get feedback
Plug in your headphones with mics (or ear buds).
Choose your part from the PARTS tab.
Choose the BACKING tab (microphone icon).
Choose Backing track.
Click on the BACKING tab again.
Make sure to click REW to record from the beginning.
Click on the red REC (record) button.
Your score will appear.
Click Retry to achieve a better score.

To view your mistakes, place your cursor any where on the colored line.
Download your vocal performance by clicking on Download current attempt in the MORE tab.


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