By Scott Johnson

Ever since I started writing songs as a teenager, music has always been my way of getting in touch with that joyful part of myself. In a way, World Singing Day is an extension of that desire that we all have to connect with the joyful part of ourselves, and to each other. And given the state of the world these days, I think we’re all longing to experience more joy in our lives.

A lot of the music I write has universal, life affirming messages, from themes like creating one’s own unique path in life, to celebrating life’s passages, from birth to death. And World Singing Day is really a universal celebration of what we all share as human beings, expressed through the international language of music.

I first had the idea in 2011 of starting some sort of day of singing, which quickly evolved into a global singing celebration, where everyone around the world – not just experienced singers and musicians – would be invited to participate.

How World Singing Day began

TV shows like The Voice are fun to watch, but these singing competitions shine a spotlight on only the most gifted, talented singers in the world. It’s easy to feel self-conscious about your own singing compared to these singers. We’ve gotten so far removed from the social cohesion that was created by our ancient ancestors who used to sing together around the fire.

So I wanted to create a safe and welcoming experience that was fun and joyful, to build a sense of community in cities around the world, using something most everyone can do. Like singing.

My vision for World Singing Day is to have millions of people in countries around the globe gather in their communities each year and sing together – and to experience joy that so many of us long for.