Host Materials

Volunteer hosts have been championing World Singing Day in their parts of the world since the very beginning. It’s wonderful to have such an enthusiastic group of like-minded human beings who are dedicated to spreading loving human connection across this shared world of ours on World Singing Day.

Our 2018 World Singing Day global sing-along took place on Saturday, October 20.  To get an idea of the impact these events had in communities all over the world, visit us on Facebook. Search #worldsingingday and the photos and videos show this year’s story.  Sing together.  Unite the world.

If you’re interested in hosting an event in your community to celebrate World Singing Day on October 19, 2019, sign-up for our monthly newsletter and you’ll be the first to know when we start accepting host applications for our 2019 World Singing Day event.

WorldSingingHost Materials