Global Video Songs

Global Video Songs

The WSD global montage video songs are songs the whole world will sing together as one. The idea is to take video of your singers during one or both of the songs below and send the video clips to us. Then we’ll create a global montage video to show how truly incredible it is when people all around the world come together to sing as one.

2018 Global Video Montage Songs [Sing one or both]

  1.  Ode to Song  – The World Singing Day Song of the Year
  2.  From Now On* – from The Greatest Showman
    *Feel free to start singing from 1 minute 50 seconds, as the intro is quite slow to build.

Contact your city host organizer or email us at music (at sign) for details about how to upload your videos.

Here’s an example of people singing together in public spaces and what our global montage video will look like when it’s finished.

WorldSingingGlobal Video Songs