Frequently Asked Questions

What is World Singing Day (WSD)?

World Singing Day is a global sing-along held annually on the 3rd Saturday in October. The event is not religious or political, nor does it promote any one country or culture. Rather, it encourages people to put aside their differences and celebrate what we all share as human beings.

World Singing Day is not a competition and no rehearsals are needed. People of all ages are invited to participate. Musicians and non-musicians, shower singers and celebrities, come together in city centers and sing together without the pressure of a performance

When is World Singing Day?

World Singing Day is held annually on the third Saturday in October. In 2020, it will be on Saturday, the 17th of October. Sign up today!

Why do people sing together on WSD?

Singing together has been proven to be one of quickest ways to bond friends and strangers alike. WSD is an opportunity for people to experience that bond and connection in a safe and joyful community setting. WSD is a catalyst for deeper human connections as we celebrate what we all share as human beings through the international language of music. Learn more here.

What does a WSD sing-along look like?

Everyone celebrates WSD a little differently. Some people sing spontaneously with friends and family at home, in their car or on a beach somewhere.  Other people sing together at a Community or City Sing-along. Learn more about hosting a sing-along here. 

Who will be singing on WSD?

College students on campus. School kids at school. Families and neighbors at home. Choir groups in city centers. Ukulele players on the beach. Elderly people in nursing homes. Footballers (soccer players) in pubs. Anyone – from shower singers to celebrities – can sing with us on Saturday, October 19, 2019. That includes YOU!

What should I sing on WSD?

Sing whatever songs you like that are meaningful or popular in your area of the world. If you’re looking for song ideas, check out this list of 100 songs (in English) and the WSD theme song.

Is this an annual event?

Yes! You can sing on World Singing Day each year on the third Saturday in October. Sign up to sing today!

I don't see a sing-along in my area. Can I still participate in World Singing Day?

Of course! If you don’t see a WSD sing-along registered in your area there are two other ways to be a part of our global sing-along. Sing spontaneously with your family and friends on October 19 and click “Going” on our Facebook event or plan your own sing-along and invite others to join you.  To download our free sing-along event toolkit, click here.

Do I have to be a choir director to host a WSD event?

Absolutely not! If you are enthusiastic about bringing people together for a fun event, then a World Singing Day sing-along is the perfect thing for you. We have volunteer hosts who are from all walks of life involved in this initiative.  Learn more about hosting a sing-along here.

Our group can't celebrate on Saturday, October 17. Can we sing on a different day?

Of course! Everyone celebrates WSD in different ways, so if your school or workplace is not in session on Saturday, the 17th of October feel free to host your sing-along during the week leading up to the big day. Learn more about hosting here.

Am I required to register my sing-along with the WSD organization?

No. Registering your event is optional, but we highly recommend it. Your event registration not only gives your event global recognition but includes the support of our WSD team members and access to a network of enthusiastic sing-along hosts all over the globe. The deadline to register in 2020 is September 30. Learn more about registering your sing-along in our Host Toolkit

I missed the date for registering my sing-along this year. Can I still participate?

Sure! We register world-wide sing-alongs from April to the end of September. If you find out about World Singing Day in October, you can still invite your friends to sing together and click “GOING” on our global event on Facebook or search here for a sing-along already registered in your area.

And be sure and sign-up for our monthly newsletter so you’ll get a reminder when we start registering sing-alongs for next year’s global event.

Is World Singing Day a religious organization?

The World Singing Day organization is not religious or political, nor does it promote any one country or culture. Rather, it encourages people to put aside their differences and celebrate what we all share as human beings.  

If you are with a religious organization and plan to celebrate World Singing Day alongside a religious service of any kind, there is no need to register your event as we consider it a private event. We encourage you to sing together and bring your community closer together through music that day.

If you are planning a sing-along that will be open to the general public with the sole focus on the WSD mission of peaceful singing open to anyone no matter their religious beliefs and not connected with any religious service or intentions, we invite you to register your event and we will add your sing-along to the global event map.

For more information about hosting and registering your sing-along event, download this year’s Host Toolkit.

World Singing Day is a global sing-along held annually on the 3rd Saturday in October.

Be a part of something big by donating to World Singing Day. This event is completely free to all. Now in its 9th year, many people worldwide give months of their time and expertise to prepare and coordinate this global event. Help us reach more people in more cities and countries and continue the WSD mission by donating here.

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