“Thou Shall Enjoy”

Each year we encourage people to sing the same song so we can create a montage video of people around the world singing the song together. This year’s song is “Thou Shall Enjoy.”  To make it simple, we will just be singing the chorus three times. The lines of the last chorus can be sung alternating between English and your native language (below we have included Spanish):

Thou shall enjoy
Thou shall explore  (Exploraras)
Thou shall embrace
Thou shall seek more  (Buscarás mas)
Thou shall be happy where you are
While following what’s in your heart  (Al corazón vas a escuchar)
Thou shall be singing in the streets
Thou shall see love in those you meet  (A los demás verás en ti)
Thou shall enjoy

Click here to download the free mp3 to learn the basic melody.
Click here to download the free mp3 of the instrumental version of the song that you can play and sing along to.
Click here to download the sheet music.

Perform it with your own instrumentation or use the karaoke tracks to sing along to (see below). This is your opportunity to be creative and have fun with it. Video record yourselves singing the song and upload it to YouTube and social media with the hashtag #worldsingingday.

“We Sing”

People are encouraged to sing their favorite songs, especially in the spirit of World Singing Day. Besides “Thou Shall Enjoy,” if you’re looking for another simple song to sing, try last year’s WSD song “We Sing.” Elementary school teachers can download this lesson plan for World Singing Day activities with their students.

Click here to learn the basic melody and a few suggested parts. Click here for the sheet music of the basic melody.

“We Sing”

I sing to you
You sing to me
We sing together
Till the whole world sings

Download pdf of sheet music with jazz harmonies:
We Sing – sheet music – Jazz harmonies – Excalibur Choir

Download the WSD Lesson Plan for elementary classes: