“I Will Sing You To Me”

Each year we encourage people to sing at least one song that is the same so we can create montage videos of people around the world singing the song together. This year’s song is “I Will Sing You To Me.”  You can film your group singing the whole song, or just a chorus. For more details, click here. Below is a video of the song:


“We Sing”

Besides “I Will Sing You To Me,” if you’re looking for a simpler song to sing, try the previous WSD song “We Sing.” Elementary school teachers can download this lesson plan for World Singing Day activities with their students.

Click here to learn the basic melody and a few suggested parts. Click here for the sheet music of the basic melody.

“We Sing”

I sing to you
You sing to me
We sing together
Till the whole world sings

Download pdf of sheet music with jazz harmonies:
We Sing – sheet music – Jazz harmonies – Excalibur Choir

Download the WSD Lesson Plan for elementary classes: