Belgium. It may conjure up thoughts of beer, chocolate and waffles. Maybe the famous cyclist Eddy Merckx, the painter Paul Rubens,  the cartoon TinTin, the singer Jacques Brel. Audrey Hepburn was born there. (OK, if you live outside Europe, you may be thinking, “Where exactly is Belgium?” It’s between The Netherlands and France.)

But singing?!

What started 20 years ago with a few people singing together in a bar in the town square (Grote Markt) of Antwerp, has grown into huge sing-along events where some 200,000 people gather in town squares all over the Flemish part of Belgium (Flanders) to sing together each summer. Antwerp alone has over 25,000 participants each year.

Vlaanderen Zingt (Flanders Sings) organizes sing-alongs in about 40 cities from July to September. They sing Flemish, French and English songs, from Edith Piaf and Queen to ABBA.

Of course, being Belgium, beer is involved.

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Sing Along with the World

World Singing Day 2017

World Singing Day aims to unite the global family through song and be a catalyst for world peace. Be part of this global singing revolution and join us Saturday, October 21, 2017:

Sing Along Boulder 2015 World Singing Day

WorldSingingSing Along with the World
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