About us

Founded in 2012, World Singing Day is about uniting the global family through song and being a catalyst for world peace. It is an annual, worldwide celebration of our common humanity that creates community, connection, and global well-being.

World Singing Day is not religious or political, nor does it promote any one country or culture. It aims to transcend those differences and celebrate what we all share as human beings.

World Singing Day is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated.

Scott Johnson World Singing Day

Scott Johnson
Founder/Executive Director, World Singing Day
Boulder, Colorado, USA

Scott founded World Singing Day with the belief that no philosophy, government, or religion can communicate what is most true for all of us better than music. He has written and produced music for over 40 years, including 6 albums of his own songs, ranging from children’s music to adult contemporary pop/rock. In 2003, Scott co-founded the Positive Music Association, and received the 2012 Posi Award for Outstanding Contribution to Positive Music. Scott has traveled and performed throughout North America and Europe, promoting peace and cross-cultural understanding.

Sridhar Ranganathan World Singing Day

Sridhar Ranganathan
WSD Board member
Founder/CEO, Shankar Mahadevan Academy, and Cloodon
Bangalore, India

Sridhar is the founder and CEO of the Shankar Mahadevan Academy, an online music school of Indian music, with over 2,300 students in 47 countries. He is a founding trustee of Meghshala, a program in India that empowers teachers with an imaginative curriculum. Sridhar is a serial entrepreneur with more than 21 years of experience in software and wireless technology. His first venture, Online Anywhere, was sold to Yahoo! Inc., delivering a 40-fold return for investors. He contributed in key roles at Yahoo!, first as VP of Yahoo!’s mobile data business where he ran worldwide P & L, and later, as COO of Yahoo!’s Bangalore software development center. Sridhar has an MBA from the University of California at Berkeley.

Suzanne Barton World Singing Day

Suzanne Barton
WSD Board member
Writer/Producer/Singer/Communications Manager
Melbourne, Australia

Suzanne is passionate about connecting creatives, emerging artists and communities to create projects that remind us to take delight in the world around us and help us make it a better place. Her background includes public affairs and creative roles across Australia’s film, heritage, health and non-profit sectors; plus performance in jazz, swing, musical hall and operetta. She has worked for Creativity Australia’s With One Voice choir program and is a founding producer of OperaBox WA. Suzanne is the Communications Coordinator for the Melbourne International Jazz Festival.

Stan Lankowitz World Singing Day

Stan Lankowitz
WSD Board member
Executive Coach
Centennial, Colorado, USA

Stan, M.Ed., L.P.C., dedicates his career to helping leaders in nonprofit organizations and businesses resolve problems, explore new possibilities, design and implement strategic plans, and achieve success. The coaching he has provided for over 30 years help people improve the quality of their lives in both personal and professional domains. He has written a number of books on coaching, career planning, and health and happiness. He has worked closely with master coach, author and philanthropist Dave Ellis for over 3 decades.

Heather Stenner World Singing Day

Heather Stenner
WSD Board member
Singer/Songwriter/Music Teacher/Speaker
Longmont, Colorado, USA

Heather is so enthusiastic about music that she formed a music company called ENTHUSIC to help turn up the music in people’s lives. Her energy and passion for music is infectious, from leading campfire sing-alongs to speaking about the power of music to a wide range of audiences. An elementary school music teacher for over 20 years, Heather helps students find their own unique musicality. She has performed across the US, Japan and Europe; has written a number of music CDs and songbooks; and has produced a variety of resources for music teachers.

Steve Woods World Singing Day

Steve Woods
Advisory Board member
Former CEO and Board Chairman, Up with People
Broomfield, Colorado, USA

A graduate of Harvard Business School and a board member of a number of nonprofits including World Campus International, Exempla/Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation, and Rwanda Leadership Foundation, Steve has been committed to connecting people from around the world for over 50 years through his work with the international educational organization Up with People and through his own international consulting firm.

Marty Elcan World Singing Day

Marty Elcan
Advisory Board member
Film Director
Los Angeles, California, USA

Marty has been a director in the Directors Guild with over 25 years production experience in film. She has been Assistant Director on many films including Steel Magnolias, Driving Miss Daisy, Mystic Pizza, and Rush. Marty directed the Indie feature film Next of Kin, featuring Octavia Spencer, Ed Begley Jr., Bess Armstrong, Jeremy London, George Newbern, Kate Orsini and Andrew Lockridge. She most recently directed and produced the new Sign Language educational series “Shut Up and Sign.”

Zuza Bohley World Singing Day

Zuza Bohley
Advisory Board member
United Nations Association Representative
Boulder, Colorado, USA

Born and raised in East Germany, Zuza was traded at the age of 14 as a political prisoner to West Germany. A Fulbright scholar, she earned a master’s degree at UT–Austin in the 1980s. She has been an educator for over 20 years at private and bilingual schools, and has been an active volunteer at numerous Boulder County non-profits. Zuza is the Rocky Mountain Region’s representative for the United Nations Association, which informs, inspires, and mobilizes people to support the ideals and work of the United Nations.

John Kagaruki World Singing Day

John Kagaruki
Advisory Board member
Audio and visual production
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

From Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, John brings a wide variety of creative talents to our Advisory Board, including sound engineering, web and mobile app development, graphic design, stage production, and marketing. John is also a musician, singer, and speaks Swahili.

Thomas Reed
WSD Advisory Board member
Los Angeles, California, USA

A graduate of the University of Southern California Law School, Tom specializes in nonprofit, estate, tax and employee benefits law. Tom is a partner with the law firm of Hill, Farrer & Burrill, which was established in 1923.