2016 Highlights
    • Singing happened on all 7 continents, even on Antarctica
    • Thousands sang together at Federation Square in Melbourne, Australia
    • The community singalong concept of singing along to recorded music with lyric sheets, developed in Boulder, Colorado was successfully replicated in Loveland, Colorado.

2015 Highlights
      • Thousands of people participated from over a dozen countries
      • Singers from India posted “Happy World Singing Day” videos with over 3.5 million views
      • WSD events (that we know of) occured in Australia (Melbourne and Perth), Austria, England, Germany, and several cities in the US
      • $2,400 was awarded to 17 choirs, schools and musicians from 7 countries who participated in this year’s “We Sing” contest. Videos were sent in from Iran, Afghanistan, Qatar, India, Malaysia, Sweden, and the USA.

2014 Highlights
      • People in a dozen countries participated, from Zimbabwe and Senegal, to Hungary, France, India and the USA.
      • $4,500 was awarded to choirs, schools and musicians who participated in the “We Sing” video contest.

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