Sing Along with the World

World Singing Day 2016

Be part of this global singing revolution and join us Saturday, October 22, 2016:

  • Organize your own WSD community sing-along (Click here).
  • Find a local choir or someone to organize a WSD event in your community.
  • Have your elementary school class participate in Musical Pen Pals.
  • Teachers: Download the free WSD Lesson Plan for elementary classes.
  • Film yourself singing to a friend and Sing It Forward.
  • Video record your group singing “We Sing” and share it on our Videos page.
  • Volunteer. We’d love your help with marketing, organizing, and inviting schools, choirs, and groups around the world to create community sing-alongs on WSD.
  • Donate money to help connect people locally and globally through singing.
World Singing Day 2015 successes

In essentially its second year in 2015, World Singing Day had many successes in connecting the global family through song:

  • Thousands of people participated from over a dozen countries
  • Singers from India posted “Happy World Singing Day” videos with over 3.5 million views
  • WSD events (that we know of) occured in Australia (Melbourne and Perth), Austria, England, Germany, and several cities in the US
  • $2,400 was awarded to 17 choirs, schools and musicians from 7 countries who participated in this year’s “We Sing” contest. Videos were sent in from Iran, Afghanistan, Qatar, India, Malaysia, Sweden, and the USA.